Field trials

At DP Dairy Professionals we work to ensure the safety and efficacy of products for health and animal nutrition. To achieve this objective we offer the execution of experimental studies and trials for companies dedicated to animal nutrition, feed manufacturers and food additives, and pharmaceuticals.


  • Evaluation of food products (feed, milk replacers, additives and by-products) on performance and animal health.
  • Palatability and preference studies.
  • Evaluation of the efficacy and safety for drugs and vaccines.
  • Evaluation of reproductive synchronization programs.
  • Evaluation of management protocols to improve health status at farm level and decrease antimicrobial usage.

The main tasks related to the studies we offer are:

  • Development of the clinical trial design.
  • Monitoring and follow-up of the study.
  • Statistical analysis and final study report.


  • Nutrition

Evaluation of high or low milk feeding regimes combined with different solid feed programs on starter intake and growth of calves.

Evaluation of dietary supplementation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on performance and rumen microbiota of dairy calves.

Evaluation of milk replacers with different protein sources on growth of calves, starter intake and feeding costs.

Evaluation of substituting skim milk by a hydrolyzed protein in milk replacer for calves on growth and health.

Study of volatile compounds preferences in starter concentrate for calves.

Evaluation of a natural antiprotozoal and antidiarrheal on intake, growth and health of calves before and after weaning.

Evaluation of an antiprotozoal against intestinal infections caused by Cryptosporidium and Eimeria sp in calves.


  • Reproduction

Evaluation of protocols to synchronize estrus in Holstein dairy cows.


  • Security and efficiency

Evaluation of oral administration of acidogenic boluses at dry-off on performance and behavior of Holstein dairy cows.

Safety and efficacy of a treatment to facilitate the dry-off procedure in high-yielding dairy cows by inducing a decrease in milk production.

Safety and efficacy of a vaccine against bovine viral diarrhea virus in Holstein dairy cows.

Safety and efficacy of a vaccine against Rotavirus and Coronavirus in Holstein dairy cows.

Evaluation of selective dry cow therapy in Holstein dairy cows to reduce the preventive use of antibiotics.

Effect of intravaginal administration of acid lactic bacteria against metritis and endometritis in postpartum Holstein dairy cows.